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  1. Registry hack turns XP Pro into server, vice versa
  2. AMD's new chip: Metaron?
  3. Crucial DDR333
  4. I think this should be Front Page News
  5. SHARP announces 60x CD-R/ROM writing chipset
  6. Quantum3D/NVIDIA technology: Military Applications
  7. AMD gains on Intel, sets Hammer speeds
  8. AOTC To Dent US Economy on May 16th
  9. MX-EVA3 CPU Evaporator Cooler @ Icrontic
  10. Microsoft Expert Witness Stumbles
  11. HP, Compaq Deal Approved, IVS Says
  12. Breakthrough Visual Processing Architecture from 3Dlabs
  13. Microsoft in Peruvian open-source nightmare
  14. Microsoft: Few Changes to OS
  15. Domain owners beware
  16. EU Plans to Tax Internet Sales
  17. AMD 2200+ release 1 month away?
  18. Flash: Blogging Goes Corporate
  19. Europe's MS sanctions to be wide-ranging, long-taking
  20. IBM in US jobs cull
  21. Call His Testimony a MStake
  22. Britain faces TV test of IQ
  23. Pope officially blesses the internet
  24. Blizzard Gets DMCA Smackdown From Sony
  25. Navi-Like Network Predicted
  26. PCs: For Whom the Decibels Toll
  27. Docs: 'Nonoxynol-9 Doesn't Work'
  28. Hope for New AIDS Weapon
  29. To those who endorse National ID cards
  30. Museum's Hack Art Piece Pulled
  31. Psion pulls plugs on modem business
  32. Lycos charges for email
  33. Sustainable Computing Consortium 'foolish' if...
  34. AMD demos Slegehammer running Windows.net
  35. 2600's DMCA Challenge Blocked
  36. X-Files: Science Fact or Fiction?
  37. A New Kind of Thinking
  38. Via to offer three AMD "Hammer" chipsets
  39. There's Big Money in Fear
  40. Laws of physics 'may change'
  41. Science: China Plans Moonbase
  42. Microsoft Woos AOL Customers
  43. A Good Sequence, Easy to Dance To
  44. New worm spread via Kazaa network
  45. Get Online or It's Game Over
  46. In U.S. Act Would OK Snail Mail Searches
  47. MS preps all-new warez busting antitrust complying XP SP1
  48. Klez: Hi Mom, We're No. 1
  49. ==== Short Takes ====
  50. Spammers threaten UK Net user
  51. Besieged ISP Restores Pearl Vid
  52. ICANN leader to step down
  53. European Parliament poised to cave in on Internet privacy?
  54. EU Law Turns ISPs Into Spies?
  55. Privacy Team works on RIP killer
  56. FBI Analysis: We Don't Compute
  57. Neuroscience: How nicotine rewires your noggin
  58. States Rebuffed Again in MS Trial
  59. Cross OS platform virii on the loose
  60. Data Collection: More the Merrier
  61. Cancer-Cell Model Unveiled
  62. Getting a Kick Out of Bots
  63. Stemming The Flow
  64. Welcome gypseyman
  65. Europe heads for space
  66. New research shows humans have been in Britain longer than once thought
  67. Dreams of the New Power Grid
  68. Amazing new hubble pics
  69. Einstein's Theory To Go Beta Testing
  70. Scientists Add New Dimension to Supernovae Simulations
  71. New Drug Stops Diabetes in Its Tracks
  72. Tea May Temper Heart Disease
  73. No Naughtyness Please :)
  74. Clawhammer 40% faster clock/clock than an AthlonMP on Quake3?
  75. Dead men tell no passwords
  76. Hotmail drops POP
  77. Nanotechnology's First Fruits
  78. The ******* goes email snooping
  79. The latest crop circle
  80. Kazaa users often expose personal files
  81. Mods Pick of the week
  82. Attention: Hollywood, Wall Street & Washington.
  83. All Eyes Are on You
  84. Western USA will see partial solar eclipse June 10
  85. First Strike or Asteroid Impact? The Urgent Need to Know the Difference
  86. Einstein theory put to the test
  87. Scientists identify rogue gene in fatal skin cancer
  88. AMD XP2200+ (Thoroughbred) Review
  89. MS-funded think tank propagates open-source lies
  90. Weird Sunset:
  91. Toms Cruiser
  92. Infosurge And Infostructure
  93. Origins of the Days of the Week
  94. Detergent in the Tank
  95. New Planetary System Has Familiar Look
  96. Whither Europa? Researchers Regroup to Make Jupiter's Moon NASA's Priority
  97. Ring Of Fire
  98. India Tech's Plea: Come Back
  99. IM'ers Get a Secure Chat Room
  100. Two years to save the world
  101. EU hints at central takeover of radio spectrum licensing
  102. Elpida Memory Develops World's Fastest Data Rate Technology for DDR-II SDRAM
  103. Microsoft Accidently Distributes Virus
  104. Mobos opt for overclocking trend, hoping to push Intel’s specification development
  105. blackholes=doughnuts?
  106. Hybrids Get Hot
  107. Making Your Mark
  108. Robot learns how to escape from exhibition
  109. Europe Ponders Media Player Probes
  110. Aurora Watch
  111. Term Terminus
  112. Pentagon's New JEDI Communications System
  113. The Saturday Function
  114. It isn't a keyboard at all
  115. Research could accelerate computing to speed of light
  116. Tasmanian Tiger - The End of Extinction
  117. A bad reception for HIV
  118. The Death Of Webcasting?
  119. Static: The New Hearing Aid
  120. Say Good-Bye to Plastic
  121. Meet Spiderman's new Side Kick, thanks to the miracle of science
  122. Nader challenges government use of MS s/w
  123. The Government Wants to Crash Your Computer!
  124. Get your name on an asteroid
  125. Via Announces HyperTransport support
  126. Hormones in Semen Shown to Make Women Feel Good
  127. MS releases Web Matrix dev tool
  128. Chinese Scientists to Head for Suspected ET Relics
  129. Pirate Cops Raid MS Gaming Foe
  130. Microsoft discloses security flaws
  131. 500 Horses
  132. A prize-winning teen proves the mettle of an ancient herb.
  133. Optics: New muscle for old eyes.
  134. An exercise in kinematics
  135. ==== Short Takes ====
  136. FCC rulings could hurt bandwidth consumers
  137. NAI revisits McAfee.com takeover bid
  138. Staggering AIDS Report From U.N.
  139. Scientists estimate 30 billion Earths
  140. BOFH and the God of Workplace Harmony
  141. Aqua makes a splash
  142. US Government has ways to make your PC talk
  143. Aphelion Away
  144. Choo-Choo Trains on Energy Crunch
  145. Swiss safety failures may have led to mid-air crash
  146. Atomic bomb developed far earlier than originally thought
  147. Researchers envisage turning light into liquid
  148. Small Wonders
  149. Why Toshiba won't sell you the coolest laptop around.
  150. HP axes 1,400 UK jobs
  151. Dell snubs Itanium 2 launch party
  152. Web Server vulnerability reaches all time high
  153. Bird's Eye View
  154. Sight Unseen
  155. Your Phone Knows Where You Are
  156. The RIAA is after YOU!!
  157. Palm 'mulled Linux' for next-gen OS
  158. First legal Linux program runs on Xbox
  159. eBay buys PayPal
  160. KPN favorite to acquire KPNQwest
  161. "The Trigger Effect"
  162. MS licensing deadline looms - buy or die
  163. Nokia, IBM strike content management deal for mobiles
  164. Scan your way to the web with a camera mobile phone
  165. Internet attacks on the rise
  166. Microsoft stakes IP claims on OpenGL
  167. The Mod Squad
  168. And if that's not enough, a game arrives from a galaxy far, far away
  169. Executions ordered for China software pirates
  170. New Pill = No Sleep For 40 Hours
  171. Palm Vs. Pocket Pc: Two Mobile Challengers Improve In 2002
  172. Over 1 Billion Served
  173. Not For Apes: The Simputer
  174. Music Industry Ready To Attack Individuals
  175. Web Sites Say Later, Gator
  176. IBM sell first Regatta-H iSeries monster server
  177. Dell ups Q2 forecasts
  178. USA Today swats hack attack - but not entirely
  179. Panic stations as DDR price soars
  180. Pentium 4 Northwood Celeron tested
  181. Mediatek sends patent police into customer site
  182. Taiwan's ICSI integrates flash disk with MP3 controller
  183. NinjaMicros Omnibus
  184. ==== Short Takes ====
  185. China's E-Mail/Snail-Mail Idea
  186. Now That's a Big Molecule
  187. ==== News And Views ====
  188. Remarkable sunspot is crossing the sun
  189. AOL "cooked books" as dot.com bubble burst
  190. 'Hacker' security biz built on FBI snitches
  191. Reading the runes of IBM's Q2s
  192. AMD chalks up huge loss, admits to extended red zone
  193. super-fast quantum computers and teleportation !
  194. U.S. Gov't Planning To "Help Us" Secure Computers
  195. NinjaMicros Omnibus
  196. Great newSolar charger
  197. Short Takes
  198. A Looking Back Exclusive: Inside ENIAC
  199. Clean your water
  200. Recycling: It's not waste unless you waste it.
  201. MS Outcome: It Could Be Worse
  202. How to Preserve Digital Art
  203. MPAA Snooping for Spies
  204. VoiceStream Up for Sale
  205. System Administrator Appreciation Day
  206. Aol Reneges On Aim Interoperability Promise
  207. Sight Unseen
  208. Saving Face
  209. Saved By Software
  210. Painting By Numbers
  211. Impressions
  212. Could Hollywood hack your PC?
  213. Head for the hills
  214. China plans software to rival Windows
  215. The Little Spacecraft that Could … and Did
  216. Computers without Clocks
  217. No more JPEGs - ISO to withdraw image standard
  218. There ain`t nobody here but us ...........
  219. NinjaMicros Omnibus
  220. ==== Short Takes ====
  221. Fao Mums & Dads
  222. Multiple virus scanning needed, says multiple scanning firm
  223. DoJ zeroes in on AOL accounting practices
  224. Apple unveils shader language, QE APIs
  225. AOL plays the family card with 8.0
  226. Trouble in HP World
  227. Lean, Mean Driving Machine
  228. The MIT Martini Maker
  229. US scientist 'altered data' to create new element
  230. Electro-magnetic power source, scam or world energy solution?
  231. ==== Short Takes ====
  232. Feds Open 'Total' Tech Spy System
  233. First Computer Simulation of Galaxy Creation
  234. NASA Claims Proof of Life on Mars
  235. How to build a HighWLAN
  236. Was Einstein wrong?
  237. Eula Scares: Real Or Imagined?
  238. FCC speeds up digital television adoption
  239. Microsoft flags server application flaw
  240. Pluto: Too Hip to Be Out There
  241. Dell No Longer Selling Systems w/o Microsoft OS
  242. Getting set to tackle Armageddon
  243. Physics and the Knowledge of Ignorance
  244. Intel Unveils World’s Most Advanced Chip-making Process
  245. Microsoft Puts On the Tux
  246. Couple planning to clone.
  247. Have you ever triede to sell a diamond?
  248. AMD to intro 2400+, 2600+ on 21st
  249. Memory prices show small rise
  250. "Desktop" notebooks selling like hot cakes