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12th December 2014, 01:28 PM
The project uses Internet-connected computers to do research in discrete mathematics and logic control.
The current goal: testing and comparison of heuristic methods for getting separations of parallel algorithms working in the CAD system for designing logic control systems

It has been several years since we last visited this project. I will be doing some testing in January and encourage others to do the same. Please share your results, findings, and concerns with current day issues with this project.


15th December 2014, 06:00 PM
I thought I would give an update on this one.

Coleslaw wrote:
If you are the wrong person to ask, could you point me in the right direction?
A am right person. smile

Coleslaw wrote:
we like to get permission from the admins (though not required)

Permission not required.
But now is not the best time for the challenge. For the challenge will not be enough tasks next month.

Everything is ready for a server upgrade to the new version.
I'm waiting for the completion of the calculations of the current set of tasks.
At my request, E. Vatutin stopped adding new jobs due to the fact that the server not only needs to be updated, but also a serious check.

To do this, test program "prime search" will be installed + a set of tasks for it.
- about 10 minutes on the CPU or 2-3 minutes on GPU. Of course, participants will be able to choose which application to run.

As you noticed, now you may get 0 credit for 12 hours of the job.. rather disappointing, and it happens so often. sad

New jobs for application "Separator"(CPU) will be added no earlier than January 5-6.
*avg. run time will be reduced from 12h to 6h.

Best regards, project admin Serge Val.

We will revisit later when the admins confirm they are ready.