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[17oB] Team Ninja FAQ

Seventeen or Bust FAQ and client installation instructions

What is the Seventeen or Bust project?


Create an account: Go to the signup page: Once there, create your account. Fill in your username and email address (Real name is not required at this point). NOTE! This web page will allow you to create a username that the client will later not accept. Your username must be alphanumeric. I successfully created a username which included an apostrophe that was later rejected by the client as INVALID). Your initial password will be emailed to you within minutes. Next, go the the login page and sign in. On the left hand menu bar go to Preferences. First, change your password. Unfortunately, you must fill in something for real name at present Next go to: in order to select “Team Ninja – The Counts of Crunch” for your team.

Download the 17oB software : :
Versions are available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and BeOS. The most current version is 2.3.0. For Windows, an install executable is downloaded. Double-click on the install file (sb230.exe). It will ask for the install directory and then bring up the client software. It will ask whether you wish to create a NEW login. Answer no. Then in the client software click the Config button. In the new window, enter your username (There is no need to enter the team name … that will be handled automatically (although it will not show up in this window … so do not be alarmed at this). You may also want to check the autostart on windows boot box.

At this point click the Start button to download your first work unit.

team statistics page

Team Ninja Stats Site
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