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Old 12th July 2019, 12:15 AM
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>News< DC Vault Commentary - Fri, Jul 12th

Welcome to your daily report on yesterdays action in the DC Vault

Movers And Shakers:

FREE TIBET/ TIBET LIBRE has overtaken US NAVY to take position 80 in the Vault.

Aggie The Pew has overtaken to take position 91 in the Vault.

Bangkok Crunching Team has overtaken wolfs team to take position 182 in the Vault.

BOINC@Hull has overtaken Team MacAddict to take position 192 in the Vault.

Arche Noah has overtaken United Kingdom to take position 228 in the Vault.

WiW-Berlin has overtaken The University of Alabama to take position 231 in the Vault.

Slo-Tech has overtaken Grid Spike to take position 255 in the Vault.

Now lets take a look at what is happening in each of the categories.

Physical Science Projects

Movers And Shakers:

BOINC.BE has overtaken U.S.Air Force to take position 40 in Physical Science Projects. has overtaken Team BeOS to take position 231 in Physical Science Projects.

Biological And Medical Science Projects

Movers And Shakers:

Poland has overtaken Erster Kontakt to take position 73 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

FaDBeens has overtaken to take position 119 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

California State U. Fullerton Physics Dept. has overtaken fr.comp to take position 295 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

Macedonia is Greek! has overtaken David Thompson Lawyers to take position 372 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

Mathematical Projects

Movers And Shakers:

There was no team movement yesterday

Miscellaneous Projects

Movers And Shakers:

Russia Team has overtaken AMD Users to take position 16 in Miscellaneous Projects.

SeriousCrunchers has overtaken MyOnlineTeam to take position 103 in Miscellaneous Projects. has overtaken Gentoo Linux Users Everywhere to take position 106 in Miscellaneous Projects.

Wristshakers has overtaken Daily Kos to take position 174 in Miscellaneous Projects.
Nanobot image courtesy of Tim Fonseca
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