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Old 17th May 2019, 12:12 AM
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>News< DC Vault Commentary - Fri, May 17th

Welcome to your daily report on yesterdays action in the DC Vault

Movers And Shakers:

Worldwide TechServices has overtaken UserFriendly.Org to take position 100 in the Vault.

BOINC@India has overtaken Quakenet to take position 252 in the Vault. has overtaken ExtremeDC to take position 345 in the Vault.

TUXpower has overtaken COMPASS to take position 348 in the Vault.

Team Hitchhikers has overtaken 667 - Neighbor of the Beast to take position 425 in the Vault.

Now lets take a look at what is happening in each of the categories.

Physical Science Projects

Movers And Shakers:

Central Michigan University has overtaken SGI SETI to take position 272 in Physical Science Projects.

Biological And Medical Science Projects

Movers And Shakers:

Team MacNN has overtaken Crunching Family to take position 81 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

FREE TIBET/ TIBET LIBRE has overtaken Karelia to take position 135 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

Bielefeld University, NRW, Germany has overtaken PinoyDC to take position 181 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

SwissTeam.NET has overtaken SETI@Deutschland to take position 197 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

Mathematical Projects

Movers And Shakers:

Ukraine has overtaken TeAm AnandTech to take position 12 in Mathematical Projects.

BOINC Synergy has overtaken Sicituradastra. to take position 26 in Mathematical Projects.

LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic has overtaken SwissTeam.NET to take position 38 in Mathematical Projects.

Miscellaneous Projects

Movers And Shakers:

AMD Users has overtaken BOINC@Taiwan to take position 15 in Miscellaneous Projects.

BOINCstats has overtaken BOINC@Taiwan to take position 16 in Miscellaneous Projects.

Catalunya has overtaken The Planetary Society to take position 47 in Miscellaneous Projects.

CC-Team has overtaken Phoenix Rising to take position 67 in Miscellaneous Projects.
Nanobot image courtesy of Tim Fonseca
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