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Old 17th February 2003, 11:13 PM
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Post [RC5-72] & [OGR-27] Team Ninja FAQ (RC5 and OGR) FAQ and client installation instructions

What is the RC5 project?

This is an attempt to complete a challenge, which is to crack a message encrypted using RC5-72. There is a prize of US$10000. Of this, $1000 goes to the lucky individual, and a further $1000 goes to their team. For more details see the official project page at

What is the OGR project?

OGR is short for Optimal Golomb Ruler, which is a mathematical sequence of numbers described in more detail at the official pages at There is no official prize fund for this.

Team stats

Active Projects


Previous Projects



Download the client from

Note the Windows installer version is older than the ZIP version, which requires manual installing. Simply unzip into its own directory, and optionally set up shortcuts as desired.

Running the client for the first time, it will warn you that you need to set up an ID. Choose "1) General Client Options" then "1) Your email address ( ID) ==>". Enter your e-mail address. Make sure this is correct and valid, as it will be required to obtain your password later.

This is all that is needed to run the client with default settings. Default behaviour is to run OGR where possible, and RC5-72 as backup. To change the running priority, go to the top level menu and choose "2) Buffer and Buffer Update Options" then "9) Load-work precedence ==> OGR,RC5-72". Edit the string to determine the project priority. To explicitly disable a project, add "=0" to the end. E.g. if you only want to do RC5-72 and nothing else, you would enter "OGR=0,RC5-72".

While you're in this menu, you can also decide how much work to download. This can be in packets or by time (in hours). Time only applies to RC5-72 as OGR work time is variable and can not be determined beforehand. To set these, edit options 13 or 14.

Proxy settings are in "6) Keyserver<->client connectivity options". Also in that menu, dial-up users may want to enable dial-up detection (so work buffers are continuously updated while on-line) and disable dialing should work run out.

Once you are happy with the settings, exit and save. When the client is next started, it will try to get work and starts crunching.

To join Team Ninja, you will need to have done some work and sent it back. Even if you plan on running only OGR, do and return some RC5 units as these are small and can be processed quite quickly. The stats are updated daily at midnight GMT, and can run for many hours during which time the stats may be down or inaccurate. Once it has updated, go to and search for your e-mail address. This should bring up your personal stats. At the bottom hit the "please e-mail me my password" button. When you get your password in the e-mail, go to and click the "I want to join this team!" link. This pops up a window where you need to enter your ID number and password. The ID number can be found in the URL of your personal stats page, which also appears in the e-mail containing your password.

Note for those with more than one CPU, the client automatically detects how many CPUs you have and runs an instance for each CPU. This can be overridden if desired.

The daily commentary templates can be found here Html or Text

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