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Old 3rd July 2011, 05:15 AM
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Team Math Projects - 7.2.11

              Total Last   Rank  +/-   Total This   Rank
                  Week                     Week 
PrimeGrid      3,757,025   385   +76    7,776,042   274 
17oB              6.325T    24     0       6.406T    24 
RC5-72        11,766,969    91    +2   12,481,411    89 
OGR-27        12,835,071   104     0   12,835,071   104 
Sztaki           305,084    84    -1      306,208    85
Collatz       11,993,203   238    +1   12,493,883   237
Well ... it's easy to see where the bulk of advancement is this week!

RC5-72, of course! ... Ok, maybe the PrimeGrid advancement is better.

up 76 team places and doubling of the points in a single week in Primegrid. Of course Primegrid is a relatively new project. At least in comparison to RC5-72 which has been going for almost a decade. So you choose. Up 76 places in one and up 2 places in the other. I'd call it about even and equally remarkable.

OGR-27 ... well thank goodness we didn't lose a place.

Collatz, up one position and I'll take that!

Sztaki down one position, despite some production.

Overall, a very good week

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Old 3rd July 2011, 09:43 AM
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Yep - I have some Maths coming soon if all goes well.........:cunning:
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